Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy Busy Month!!!

So since I last posted we have been running around like crazy! Had a great time in San Diego for the weekend.. Frank has been super busy at work! lol! We are looking forward to our trip to Lubbock at the end of the month!! Cant wait to spend time with our family!!! We have been getting out alot around Yuma as well.. We are meeting some really really great people! Tyler loves the big park over by our house! We got a blow up swimming pool and a silly sprinkler for the back yard and he is loving that as well!! It helps us get through the really hot days here!! Tyler is getting so very big!! I cant believe that he is almost 18 months old already! Time is going by very fast!! I swear we brought him home from the hospital just a few days ago!!! Well we are gonna head outside to go swimming!!!

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