Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally all home again!

So we are all finally back home again! We went to the Yuma Airshow and had an amazing time! We are going to the Yuma Fair this evening! Frank has a 3 day weekend so it will be nice to spend some family time together.. We are going to put together our new grill and have a bbq.. We are really going to enjoy this summer! Parties in the back yard with Tyler running around in the sprinkler!! We are really looking forward to going home to Lubbock for the 4th of July too!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Off to Denver...

Well Tyler and I are off to Denver tomorrow.. My friends sweet baby girl is in the NICU and hopefully will be going home soon.. I hate that they are having to go through this but I am glad that I can be there to help.. I am very excited to see how Tyler does with her kids.. They were around when he was born so they know who he is... We are going to miss Frank like crazy but I have to go and help.. They have always been there for us and it doesnt feel right to not be there for them.. We are hoping that maybe Frank can come up and spend a few days himself but we will see.. Other than that things are going great.. Tyler is getting bigger everyday!