Friday, June 10, 2011

Its Friday!!

Well we said bye to Frank this morning.. He will be in the field for 12 days.. I am going to be doing whatever I can to make the next 12 days go by as fast as possible!! Although when he gets home we head to Lubbock for 15 days!! I am so looking forward to the vacation!! Tyler was so cute when he said bye to daddy.. he kept blowing him kisses even after he left.. He then came running into the living room saying "love daddy".. it brought me to tears.. I hate that he realizes when Frank is gone for long periods of time.. He gets so sad... We do have a ton of outings planned though.. Headed to the park on monday and the aquatic center on thursday! then a fun filled weekend in the pool in the back yard!!  Meanwhile... I have to get this house ready for us to be gone for 2 weeks.. Lots of stuff to put away and I have to get the house sprayed for bugs before we go.. fun stuff!!!

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